Breakdown for the week with Mike Bledsoe cameo

Okay TEAM CFLA.   Here’s what we got for the week.

Watch the video.

Monday – The AMRAP is 8 RPE.  Slow you’re roll.  Secondly, you’ve got a barbell complex right after.  Finally,  we’ve got a long one planned for Thursday so leave a little in the tank.

Tuesday – Test you’re Diane.  Let’s see how all that HSPU practice and DL’s help you out?

Wednesday – 20 Front Squats.  ‘Nuff said.  Get some.

Thursday – Long Competition workout that we did back in May.  Great workout to test your conditioning.

Friday – Learn from Tuesday’s workout (“Diane”). If you there are things to fix in your HSPU then get it done during the skill session.  Also, we have Bench Press. 


Monday’s Workout

A) AMRAP 25 for quality at 8 RPE
     400m Run
     400m Row
     100m Sandbag front carry

B) 3 Rounds for quality and speed of “Ferruggia’s Timed Complex”
     6 Deadlifts
     6 Hang power cleans
     6 Front squats
     6 Hang power snatches
     6 Overhead squats
     6 Presses
     6 Bentover rows
     6 Romanian deadlifts
**Hold onto bar through entire round**
**3min Rest between rounds**

And Coming Tuesday

Deadlifts (225/155)
**See 11/1/13**



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