Breaking Down Oly Lifts

Cycle 11 is off to a great start, and we will be spending strength and skill sessions breaking down the Clean & Jerk in order to improve our efficiency of the very technical movements.  Yesterday started us off with a Clean Pull session, and here is a good explanation of the purpose:

The clean pull is a basic and important exercise for training the extension of the clean in terms of strength, speed, power, posture and balance. Lifters will be able to manage heavier weights than in the clean, which allows the development of strength to push weights in the clean. The clean pull can also be used as a remedial exercise to practice balance and position in the pull, or as part of a learning progression for the clean

Keep up the good work.

Wednesday’s Workout:

A) Jerk Skill Practice
Tall jerks (light)

B) 3 RFQ on the 3:00
5 Deadlifts (80%)
15 Knees to elbows
–1min Cap each round–

C) 4 RFQR (90s:3m)
20/15cal Bike
Max Thrusters (45-50% Press)

And Coming Thursday:

“GI Jane”

100 Burpee pullups
–20min Cap–

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