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As we evolve our practice here at the gym breath technique becomes increasingly important. Check the vid, wake up early and come play with the Wim Hof breath technique Tuesday 530 am.


Monday’s Workout

1250m Run
20 Push presses (115/75)
30 KB Russian twists (24/16)
40 Burpees
30 KB Russian twists
20 Push presses
1250m Run

And Coming Tuesday

A) 2 RFQ @  ≤7 RPE
     2min Row @ 20s/min
     2min Row @ 22s/min
     2min Row @ 24s/min
     2min Row @ 26s/min
     2min Row @ 28s/min
 –3min Rest between rounds–

B) Handstand walk gala

C) QAMRAP 7 @ ≤7 RPE
     7 Sit to stands
     7 Squat cleans (45-50%)




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