Bring in the New Year

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January – it’s that time of year again… when new years resolutionaries are suddenly motivated to do whatever it takes to get in shape again. They’ll join a gym, start a diet, work out for the first time in months (or years)… do whatever it takes to feel like they’re doing something. There’s nothing inherently wrong with making a New Year’s resolution and getting started this way… the thing that most of these people forget (or never got in the first place) is that health and fitness is a way of life… something that takes a daily commitment over years and years… it’s truly the marathon of life. So if you know someone like this, stand by them… and know that 30-60 days from now -they’re going to need your support and encouragement.

If you are getting started on a diet, remember that dietary fat doesn’t make you fat. Stay away from those carbs. Read Inuit-Paradox and post your thoughts to comments.

Naz and Jane - climbing to new heights!
Naz & Jane at the top of the ropes.

Today’s Workout

“Fight Gone Bad”

Complete as many reps as possible of each movement for one minute:
Row (for calories)
Wall Ball (men-20 lbs; women-14 lbs)
Sumo Deadlift High Pull (men-75 lbs; women-55 lbs)
Box Jumps
Push Press (men-75 lbs; women-55 lbs)

– at the end of 1 round (5 minutes), take a 1 minute rest. Repeat this for a total of three rounds.

Day 85
Burpees done to date: 3,655
Burpees remaining: 1,395



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