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That’s right, it’s time for another food challenge. Actually, it’s less about food and more about preparation and habits – starting next week… one week of packing your own lunch every day. Don’t worry – it’s just one week, but it’s enough to help you get started on the right track – and it’s all thanks to Alyssa and Shirley – our Sweet Cheeks Nutrition HQ.

By the way, they have some AWESOME recipes listed in their forum… from frittatas and lamb meatball florentine, to turkey lettuce wraps and chili. A new recipe goes up every week. Check it out!

Here’s the route for the 10k Challenge on Saturday – ROUTE

Don’t worry, Norma, you won’t have to carry anyone on your back for the 10k!

Today’s Workout
rep rounds for time of:
Dumbbell pushups
Abmat sit ups
Box jump (32/24)
– yes, repeat 10
– sit ups – slow, feet together, knees out to sides, no momentum



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