Bucking the Trend


Four rounds for time:
6 MU (6 Strict CTB Chin ups/strict dips)
12 Sit to Stand with Med Ball (20/14), no anchor
24 Wall Ball 20/14


A) EMOM 10 min. 3 Pos. Sq. Sn.
1 – High hang
2 – Low hang (below knee)
3 – Sq Sn.
B) 5 rounds for quality:
6 Strict HSPU
12 weighted situps (25/10)
***3 abmat or less. no momentum for situps
C) 3 rounds for time:
15 Thruster @ 47.5%
50 DUNo wonder it’s so hard to get off this stuff. Everywhere you look you’re confronted with it. You know, the food we’re all addicted to – sugar, starches, pasta, bread and cheese. I cant watch tv, go online, drive my car, eat out at a restaurant, shop in a market, go to a kids birthday party or sporting event , or pick ip a magazine without being reminded of it. We were out at a really nice restaurant in downtown LA last night, and in order to stay Paleo (WLC) compliant we were essentially relegated to two choices of appetizer and two entrees. Period. That’s it. It was very hard to not feel like we were missing out – part of me really wanted ‘the good stuff’.

And then at the market – even Whole Foods – it’s not only featured, its put on sale. What was cheap already is now ridiculous. Why wouldn’t an unsuspecting consumer buy and eat it?

You know what gets me? I KNOW all this stuff – have studied it for years, and yet, when the Whole Life Challenge isn’t going on, I struggle with it just as much as anyone else. What about the millions of people who don’t KNOW it? How hard is it to find a solution for them?

So, what IS the solution? I don’t know if I have an answer – other than personal responsibility and baby steps. Our food manufacturers certainly aren’t going to do it for us – they are doing exactly the opposite, because bad food is cheap to produce and turns the biggest profit. And temptations, ads, samples, sales, and events with food that doesn’t support our health will ALWAYS be there. So it looks like making choices against the flow, in the face of cultural and societal norms, satisfying our needs in how we feel because of our choices instead of by our choices is the only way.

Waking up is hard. Waking up and taking consistent action is even harder. I’m up for the challenge, the journey. Will you take it with me?

CrossFitLA Image
“Good Stuff” on sale at Ralphs

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