Buddy Battle 2014 was a Hit!

A couple months ago, it was hard getting everyone to envision what we had planned for the Buddy Battle 2014. In all fairness, it was our first in-house competition so why would everyone believe the hype? How could everyone know that the value would be in the experience itself and that we would do everything in our power to facilitate the real feel of a competition? That was our goal anyway, to give members an athlete’s experience;  to give them a taste — some for the first time —  what it feels like to be a true competitor, to know what it’s like to not only rely on a teammate, but come through for them. Even if it wasn’t every athlete’s best day, what would it look like to not give up? What does brushing yourself off look like? What does it feel like to give your all? How would it feel if you gave yourself permission to be and act like a true athlete if just for those three workouts?

As far as I could tell, a lot of competitors found out all of this on Saturday. To say that the heats were exciting doesn’t do the event justice. From the first “Go!” until the final tiebreaker, the action was neck-and-neck and as thrilling as any athletic nail-biter. That’s because we can relate to these athletes. And to watch them do what we do, but under pressure, in front of an audience, with soaring stakes, we understand better the guts it took to get out there and participate. It made the energy electric.

Highlights for me were these:

When I realized early that WOD 1 Heat 1 (Rx Women) would be a barn-burner. It was meter for meter to the very end with Alyssa and Ryan edging out Hacker and Frost by 9 tenths of a second!

Watching Andy and Tim stay calm and collected and then surprise everyone with a WOD 1 win. Their in-synch burpees were pretty damn good, too.

Seeing underdogs Harley and Ladd having a ball in lane 8 – and they only came in last in one workout! They also had the best name: Team Human Interest Story. 

Watching Chip calm Sal down after their WOD 1 implosion so they could both hit amazing weights in the complex and win WOD 2. 

Carolyn Freyer-Jones going rep for rep with her 15 year old partner, Mina, like there wasn’t much of an age difference.

And finally, the tie breaker in the Men’s Party division between Ross/Clint and Pete/Tom for first place was AMAZING. They displayed so much heart, they pushed so hard, I really thought we’d have to have another tie breaker! So good, guys. 

What were your highlights?

Below are the standings and scores for each WOD. To all the athletes, thank you for participating and going so hard in the paint. You made the event not just exciting, but memorable.





Wednesday’s Workout

A) 20 Front squats (+2%)

B) Kipping pull-up skill practice

C) AMRAP 12 at <7.5 RPE
300m Run
12 Alt DB Snatches (40/25)
24 DB Russian twists

And Coming Thursday

Squat cleans (135/95)
Ring dips
**15min cap**


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