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Every coach who blogs here on our thoughtful site has at some time or another written about Getting In the Game. Meaning, don’t sit on the sidelines wishing you were trying new things. Sometimes that means getting uncomfortable. So many of our members understand this – most of you guys are really ok with some discomfort. Your mental toughness is pretty outstanding.

Alyssa told me she recently noticed this when a lot of visitors came the day we did “The Shirley Brown.”  A lot of our guests were wrecked by the workout, some didn’t finish. But Alyssa said she noticed how many of our athletes of all levels seemed so much more willing and able to sit in the pocket of something hard and grind it out. That’s a huge observation as far as I’m concerned. I can’t tell you how proud I was to hear that.

I’m interest to know if this mental toughness is translating to other areas of your lives. Do some of you still sit on the sidelines? Even if that’s true, I would imagine it enters your minds more often now to be brave or to try new things.

So, we present an opportunity for you to act upon that new impulse: Buddy Battle 2014. This battle is CFLA’s first ever in-house competition. This is not a small challenge, but a well-organized and full-on partner competition. We’ll have an Rx division and a “Party” division for our scaled athletes. Though we’re putting a lot into this competition, we want this to be about participation; about enticing those of you still a little hesitant to try something new that might feel hard. This is equally for all of you chomping at the bit to compete — and not just on “competition days,” but at a real, competitive venue.

The workouts won’t be easy, but you are capable of doing them. There won’t be any movements we haven’t practiced a lot here at CFLA. Maybe competing is new for you — or you haven’t done it in a very long time. Maybe you are very fearful of letting your partner down and being the “weak link.” Or even of embarrassing yourself. I’m telling you right now that every single one of us who has ever competed in anything at any level has felt this way. And all of these thoughts are normal and ok, and most likely not true. The beauty of doing this competition in-house is that this is YOUR home, this is your safe place. There is not one athlete here who would ever make you feel badly for your sincere efforts. We’re just not that gym. You know this. So, if this is a safe environment to succeed — or more importantly a safe enough place to fail — then why not give it a shot?

Read the email I sent out today for more details. Find a partner (same gender). And register here. The competition is on Saturday, Sept 13. It costs $100 per team ($50 an athlete). That makes the stakes higher. You’re not here to waste your money. You’re here to make the most of the experience, which mean preparing and enjoying not only the team dynamic, but every part of the experience. The first heat will pop off around 9am and it will be a non-stop, electric affair full of three partner workouts, many triumphs, a lot of bonding, a ton of fun, and prizes at the end.

I can’t wait to see how jumping off the sidelines and into the heat of the friendly battle changes you.

Wednesday’s Workout
Mental Toughness

“OPT’s Repeatability Test”

3 rounds, at 100% effort
250m Row
10 KBS (32/24)
10 Burpees
10 KBS (32/24)
10 Burpees
10 KBS (32/24)
250m Row
**Rest exactly 12 min between rounds**

And Coming Thursday

A) 3RFQ (:45:15)
   Arch Rocks
   Hollow Rocks

B) 4 Rounds for Quality and Pace
   250m Row
   200m Run
   10 Strict CTB Pull Ups
   **Rest exactly 2 min between rounds**
   **Keep rounds within 10-15sec**

C) Back Squat 3×3 (+2-5#)





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