Buddy Battle 2015

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Wow, what a successful and fun event!  I have only been a part of the CFLA community for a year now, but after this weekend, it feels like several years.  It was an honor to be a volunteer, and to help out with the rest of the team, in order to run the competition. 

There were several new faces to Crossfit competitions, and a big shout out to them, as they had to combat mental and physical fears, and laid down quite an effort with their teammates.  I remember sitting with some of the participants last Friday, who shared their excitement and also anxiety, and I stated that’s part of being human!  If we don’t feel those emotions now, then we won’t know what it’s like once the adrenaline kicks in and we are off to the races!!

Lots of people were a bit terrified of WOD # 2, the 2 RM Hang Snatch, but everyone witnessed some impressive lifting, and maybe some new techniques (ya know, like catching the barbell on your head or falling down to one knee to receive), but everyone came away with a great sense of accomplishment with their performance, and that is critical.

What is your criteria for success?  Is it earning first place?  Or is it giving your best performance in each workout, and overcoming fear?  That’s something to think about during the next few weeks, defining your success. 

Once again, thank you to all the competitors, spectators, and volunteers who helped to make the CFLA Buddy Battle 2015 a great event!

Wednesday’s Workout:

3-5 x 2 (~90-95%)

B) Dip Rampage
Focus on kip

100m SB Front carry
200m Run
20 HR Pushups

And Coming Thursday:
Mental Toughness

In 2min:
4 DB Man makers (45/30)
Max Row for cal
–2min Rest–

In 3min:
8 DB Man makers
Max Row for cal
–3min Rest–

In 4min:
12 DB Man makers
Max Row for cal
–4min Rest–

In 5min:
500m Row
Max Burpee pullups



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