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Remember Buddy Battle 2014?? When we had that epic tie breaker between Ross/Clint versus Pete/Tom to claim first place of the Party division? It was so close and so exciting. It’s still one of my favorite moments here at CFLA. Thinking about that Buddy Battle memory reminded me that we better have a tie breaker for Saturday.

Though there was no need for a tie breaker last year, there’s always a chance. The last couple days the coaches have been discussing possible Buddy Battle tie breakers. We were going the traditional route – something similar to what was executed in 2014, but then we started getting silly, suggesting basketball tricks and whatnot. The list of the over-the-top ideas we came up with is endless. Then we thought, what if it was something a little unusual and unexpected? Something that tests one of the less-remembered ten physical competencies that we are supposed to develop¬†as CrossFitters — or more importantly, as athletes working on a full range of fitness? What if we did test balance or accuracy or agility as a tie breaker?

What do you think? Tradition? Or something new and different?

You can throw us your silly/funny suggestions, too. We’ll most likely be amused by them, but you never know what we might use — now or in the future. #funweek

Friday’s Workout

Front squat (Of 2RM + 4-10lb)
80% x 3
85% x 3
90% x 3+

2x 15m Bear crawl
10 Kipping ring dips

C) 5 RFQR (20s:40s)
Row for cal
Thrusters (50%)



BUDDY BATTLE 2016 – No regular classes

Sunday’s Workout

3 Rounds – For Time
– 20 Goblet Squats (:30 rest)
– 20 Single Arm KB Swings -10 each arm (:30 rest)
– 15 KB Upright Row (:30 rest)
– 15 Push ups (:30 rest)

Part B: Complete 4 Sets – for total burpees

EMOM 4 – 2 minutes of work/2 minutes rest
Row 250M
Max Burpees

Monday’s Workout

Running Skill Session

4 Explosive pushups

6 Strict pullups
12 Kipping dips
3 unbroken circuits:
-3 DB Deadlifts (60% 1RM Strict Press)
-3 DB Hang power cleans
-3 DB Thrusters



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