Burpee Caution

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100 days of burpees sounds like a pretty cool / fun(?) thing to do… and we’re at day 29 – so far so good. But I want to throw out a word of caution… Remember that this challenge is for FUN. It is not intended to cause injuries. If you are starting to experience pain in your shoulder joint during or after doing burpees, STOP doing them and take yourself OUT of the challenge. It simply isn’t worth it! Burpees, especially 5,000+ of them over 100 days, are hard on shoulders and knees… and if you take yourself out, you are being responsible, not weak! Be smart. Train smart. And be tough – don’t use this as a reason to take yourself out just because your muscles (and/or your mind) are a little sore!

Alex gives it his all!

Today’s Workout

For time:
500m run
10 Box Jumps
40 Pull Ups
500m run
20 Box Jumps
30 Pull Ups
500m run
30 Box Jumps
20 Pull Ups
500m run
40 Box Jumps
10 Pull Ups

Today is 29 burpees. Whip it!
“Buy-In” – 435 Burpees



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