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Today’s Workout
6x Franklin Hill Sprints
-Each sprint begins on the 6-minute markI love sprinting workouts, for several reasons. One is, I always know I’ve worked when I’m done. Another is that running hard feels so primal, like a deep part of being human, surviving.Third is that it’s a workout I can take anywhere and get as good a workout, no matter where I am. Fourth is that there are so many variations, you don’t ever have to get bored! Lastly, it is a huge part of building physical power and mental strength.

Every now and again we throw a serious sprinting workout into our programming. These tend to be days that have lower attendance than others. What lots of people tell me is “I can do that on my own.” Here’s the question — “But are you gonna?” What’s likely, in my experience, is that you’re just not willing to feel that way. Which is perfectly fine, it really is. Just remember, how you do or don’t want to feel is never really a reason to do or not do anything. What results do you want? Who do you want to be for yourself, physically and mentally?

So if you can do it on your own — do it! Come out to the hill and do it alongside us! Don’t even sign in — it’s a public hill! Sure, it might be a little awkward, you over there on your side of the street and us on our side. You may find yourself wanting to join the group, eavesdrop on the coaching, plug into the energy, ride the wave. And then you’ll see it, the reason it’s in our programming.

All of what we do can be done alone. Why would you want to do that to yourself?

Loners don’t smile like this while working out



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