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What’s the best way to get better results? Planning and periodization, or randomized programming? Get strong first, or build an aerobic base? More emphasis on the Olympic lifts, or on gymnastics? Weighing and measuring food, or focusing on food quality? Doing longer workouts, or choosing higher intensity ones that last less than 10 minutes? Is it possible that there isn’t really a correct answer? Sure, you’re going to have lots of “experts” who believe one route is better, faster, or more effective than another, however, I’ve seen some pretty amazing results without any worry as to the answers to these questions. Choose for yourself so that you keep it fun, exciting, interesting, challenging, and more importantly than anything else… keep yourself showing up.

Synchronized squatting.

Today’s Workout


– At the start of class, someone will randomly choose a card from the CFLA SmackDown deck.
– The card that is chosen corresponds to a workout – that is the class’ WOD.
– NO card is a “safe.”
– BEWARE of the dreaded “Double Downs!”



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