Can You Crawl On Your Back?

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Check out this cool 360-degree video of a Marine crawling on his back through the mud while keeping his rifle dry (Click and drag the video to see everything). Then come to class next week, and you’ll learn how to crawl on your back too! This exercise, when trained correctly, will improve your coordination, core control and strength, and shoulder and scapula mobility. It’s also a functional skill to have if you ever need to maneuver through a tight space out there in the real world.

Thursday’s Workout

Running Skill Session

10 Double uneven lateral hops
10 Bal. Splits squats / pivot rev.
2 Unbroken circuits:
-2 Power snatches (55-60% of 1RM Snatch)
-2 Snatch balances

And Coming Friday

3 RFR, 1min at ea. station
Strict pullups
Double unders
HR Pushups
Sit to stands
–1min Rest between rounds–
–See 5/3/13–




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