Can You Give Yourself Some Mom Love?

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4 sets of 4 – 100 m Franklin hill sprints on :90
– 3 mins between sets


A) EMOM 8 @ ~ 77.5% of 1RM Sq. Sn
2 PP
2 Snatch Balance
B) 10 minutes Dip position/skill work
C) Max rep dips (adv kip): 1:1
D) For time and reps:
At start of clock:
400 run for time
At 5:00: 2 Min max reps strict pullups
At 10:00: 400 run for time
What sort of post-workout state do you find yourself in usually? I mean when you finish a WOD in which you’ve given a good, hard effort, you’ve sweated a bunch, you feel wiped out, and (or but) the time you posted on the board is somewhere in the middle of the pack. What is that little voice inside your head telling you? That you did a great job? You’re awesome? You’re unstoppable? You’re making great progress? You are amazing? Or do you find it telling you that you: could have gone harder; should have used more weight; wimped out in the last round; should be practicing your double unders more; should be able to run faster; should have finished with a better time or more points?

Which set of little voices sound more familiar to you? If you’re anything like most driven people, it’s probably the second set – the more negative statements about what you ‘could’ and ‘should’ have done.

Now here’s what might sound like a funny question… which set of little voice statements sound more like what you Mom (or your ideal Mom) might say to you (when you were a little kid)? You know, that person in your life that really doesn’t care about the results you got, just that you had a good time, you were totally safe doing it, and in who’s mind you can do nothing wrong, and in who’s arms you feel totally safe.

Here’s why I’m asking… I know that I spend plenty of time reminding myself of all the ways I don’t quite measure up. I haven’t up until now spent nearly as much time acknowledging my efforts, my greatness, my progress (you know, the way Mom would regardless of how well I really do). I’m writing to both acknowledge this, and to suggest that if you’re anything like me, spending some time giving yourself some “Mom love” might actually feel good, nurturing, taken care of, and who knows, could lead to some pretty different results in the gym and in your life.

Try it on and let me know what you think.

We're missing Leo so his 6am class/family drew him because he's there in spirit. Mina drew chicken just in case he gets hungry. #getbettersoon
Hey Leo: 6am misses you (can you tell?). Get well soon!



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