Cannon Talks Rhabdo Post Murph

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For those of you that don’t know Jon Cannon got Rhabdo this year after, “Murph.”  After eight days at St. John’s Jon is back home with family. Although his specific case was highly improbable it is a strong reminder that what we do can, although highly unlikely, be risky.  Assuming all goes well with his recovery Jon plans to be back at the gym in early July.

Monday’s Workout

For Max Distance/Levels + Shuttles
“Beep Test”
**max aerobic endurance**

And Coming Tuesday

5 Sets @ 75% C&J
2 Clean pulls
1 Hang clean (Mid-thigh)

Front squats (60-65% FS or +3-5)
Back squats
–5min Cap–

C) 3 RFQR on the 4:00
30sec Bike for cal
15 Knees to elbows
Max Balancing pivot reverses
–2min Cap each round–




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