Captains of Crush!

Captains of Crush!

Today’s Workout

Franklin Hill Sprints
Sprint to the 3rd street lamp x 3 (on the 4 min)
Sprint to the 2nd street lamp x 3 (on the 4 min)
Sprint to the 1st street lamp x 3 (on the 2 min)Some of you have seen them… grip trainers – now hanging from the wall in the “tall room” of the gym. A BIIIIG THANK YOU to Donald L., who generously donated them to the gym, mostly because of his passion for grip strength training. Check it out – he’s made 3 posts in our forums about using the grippers, links to videos and training with them. Spend some time with them, do some reading and watch some videos about them, and the next time you see Donald in the gym – give him a big thank you, especially if you’ve improved your workout times because of your ability to hang on to the bar for a few more reps!




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