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On a sunny day, most of us have looked off shore and seen the island of Catalina. Some have taken the day trip over on a motor boat to Avalon or Two Harbors, or maybe even sailed across the channel (it’s a 22 mile crossing at the closest point.) However most of us have never even dreamed about paddling a paddle board (think surfboard but no riding breaking waves) the distance. Kathryn Tubbs has. In fact, she had set this as a goal for herself and had been training for months – and on Saturday, SHE DID IT! Congratulations, Kathryn! Thanks for sending the photo (yes, I know it looks like she’s just been photoshopped in, but there are plenty of people that can vouch for her!) Here’s a little clip of her adventure from her workout journal:

“I think it was a combination of nerves, seasickness, rough water, and shoving food, energy drink and Ecaps in as fast as I could in short spurts when I was prone (you can’t eat or drink on your knees). The water was ROUGH at the start…roughest I’ve ever been in. I was like, “Oh jeez, what have I gotten myself into?…there is NO way I can paddle thru 22 miles of this. I’m going to pull a muscle. I won’t be able to get up on my knees. I’ll be out here all f’ing day.” I was in shock at the reality of a channel crossing–I had NO idea the water would be this bad. I knew I wouldn’t quit, but…”

Click here to read the whole story (her post from Sunday, June 15th).

Kathryn - Catalina to LA paddleboard

Today’s Workout
7 rounds for time of:
10 One legged squats (pistols), alternating legs
12 Ring dips
15 Pull-ups



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