Injury/Pain is Keeping Me Down

I am using today’s blog post to address and facilitate further ideation on the topic of injury/pain management.  Personally, I have had a long history with chronic pain/illness that manifests both physically and psychologically. In my experience, that which is chronic can become so debilitating primarily because what is causing the symptoms is multi-factorial/elusive and, …

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Saturday Night – Oak Park Holiday Party 7PM-???   Monday’s Workout Practice A) Breath Capacity 800m Run (Progressive Gears: 1-5) B) Work/Movement Capasity MB TABATA This :20:10 Station#1 Lateral MB Throws Station #2 MB Up and Overs Station #3 MB Burpess Station #4 MB Air Squat Holds   Tuesday’s Workout Competition A) Movement Capacity:    …

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Pink Pig Party

Monday’s Workout Competition “Nancy” 5 Rounds for Time of:      400m Run      15 OSH (95/65) Tuesday’s Workout Practice A) Movement Capacity: Thruster      Find Heavy 3 B) Work Capacity:      8 rounds of:       5 Thrusters (135/95)      50 DU