Cause in the matter of your life…

Cause in the matter of your life…

Today’s Workout

Sprinting “Forrest

4 Rounds
10 L-Pull Ups
15 Toes to Bar
20 Burpees
400m Run
– note: after each round, rest exactly 2 minutesWatch the video… it’s really short… so please, push past whatever preconceived notion you’ve got regarding EST (or Landmark)… and listen to Werner’s response to Charlie Rose about responsibility. For me, the Whole Life Challenge is a real-life manifestation of responsibility… total responsibility… being equal to my condition in life. So I’ve got a questions for you… how responsible are you for your life? Your WHOLE life? If no one else were around to be responsible for anything, to take the blame, absorb the heat, could you be 100% responsible for everything shows up? If you’re not, then who is?

When I think about this in my life… and I have to be responsible for everything… the good, bad and ugly… I find myself extremely resistant… especially when it comes to the bad and the ugly. After all, it’s much easier to blame someone or something else; or an inherent, pre-existing condition for the bad and the ugly… than for me to be responsible for it.

And while I know logically that the way beyond suffering means being responsible, which means taking a stand that I am cause in the matter of my own life, it’s something I struggle with daily. And why? If this is what gives me access to doing something about the condition of my life, then why is it so difficult? Seems like that would be the natural way… the good way… the no brainer way. And yet, it’s not… much easier to play the blame game… which results in staying stuck.

So I ask you (as I ask myself)… is this where you want to be? Empowered or stuck? Responsible or a victim? Able to do something about your condition, or pigeonholed by it? It is a choice…



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