The CFLA CrossFit Open Game Days are Coming!

You guys, the CrossFit Open is coming in a few weeks, which means, more importantly, that our CFLA CF Open Game Days are coming! Every Saturday* for the five weeks during the Open, we will compete in-house in true CFLA fashion: with a priority on fun. Last year’s teams and draft were off-the-charts AMAZING, some of our best times here. The team spirit was through the roof and we raised a lot of money for WODs for Warriors.

We will have teams again this year, but only two: The morning classes versus the evening classes! Athletes who regularly participate in the noon and 1pm classes (as well as students who are considered “tweeners”) will be eligible for a DRAFT, which will take place on Saturday morning, Feb 14, and will be chosen by the team captains of the AM and PM teams.

Your Team Captains:

amcapsThe co-captains of the AM Team are Alyssa Parker and Woogene Lee. As most of you know, Alyssa is one of our best performing women at CFLA. She is also one of the nicest. But don’t let that niceness fool you. She is more competitive than a dance mom on a triple-shot espresso at the final recital. She will crush your soul with a big and genuinely kind smile on her face. Chef and restaurateur Woogene is another beast tucked behind a fun exterior. His chef skills have honed his attention to detail with such precision that his strategy for game play will most certainly benefit his team. Plus, he’s getting all swole from benching so damn much lately. These two coupled with the 6am crew, the 7am bunch, and the randoms of 8 and 9am will be a tough team to beat.





Captaining up the PM Team are Ryan Gorman and Elliot Field. RyRy is another one who lives the double identity of sweetheart of a human, beast on the barbell. She is young, fun, and able to do just about anything. Elliot, however, will chop you at the knees with his wit and intellect before you realize you can no longer walk. His quietness is not shyness. He is only assessing you in a Las Vegas minute – and his assumptions are most likely right. This is a deadly duo that will keep you on your toes. With the boisterous 4:30 & 5:30 groups and the silent assassins of 6:30 & 7:30, this team is coming with a force.


To be eligible to represent a team, you must be registered for the CrossFit Open. This year, CrossFit HQ will program a scaled version of every Open workout so don’t think you have to be an Rx athlete to participate. And remember, the CFLA Game Days do not place a priority on performance, which is only one category we consider during our in-house competition. To be top team here at CFLA, your team must also score high points in team spirit, team participation, and philanthropic efforts. This year we are raising money for the Resiliency Project, an organization endorsed by MarcPro and Kelly Starett, that empowers, trains, and provides resources to enable our armed-service members reintegration into civilian life. We can’t wait to contribute to this project. 

What to do first? REGISTER HERE. It’s $20. Join affiliate “CrossFit Los Angeles” and then join “Team CFLA.” Once registered, we will split you up into the AM or the PM team and we’ll pick out those eligible for the draft. Oh man, then it’s game time.

If you have ANY questions, make sure to ask a coach so you don’t miss out on the fun.


(*CFLA Open Game Days will be held every Saturday from Feb 28th-Mar 28th with the exception of Mar 14, which is the finals of the WLC. That Game Day will be held on Sunday, Mar 15 instead.)


Friday’s Workout

500m Row
10 Front Squats (95/65)
10 Over-the-bar hand-release burpees
**15min Cap**

And Coming Monday

For Time:
15 DB thrusters (55/40)
5 10yd Shuttle sprints
10 DB thrusters
7 10yd Shuttle sprints
5 DB thrusters
9 10yd Shuttle sprints
**See 4/7/14**

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