CFLA Open Game Days 15.1 Results …

Man, you guys really know how to bring the fun and energy to a competition day. Saturday was a blast and I’d like to congratulate all of you who are putting yourselves out there to participate in this year’s Open, Rx and Scaled athletes alike. It’s so fun to watch you go for it.

Without further ado, here are the results from this week’s AM vs. PM battle.

Week 1, 15.1’s Champion is …

The AM Team!

To remind you of the criteria from which teams are scored, here are the four categories, equal emphasis placed on each: Participation, Philanthropy, Spirit, and Performance. Spirit is subjective and is determined by a six-coach vote with Annita as the tie-breaking vote if need be. Participation is a head count of who comes to the Saturday event. (We realize that sometimes members are out of town and can’t help it. We get it. Believe us, it all washes out.) Philanthropy: The team that drums up the most money for the week for the Resiliency Project.  And Performance is determined by adding up the seven top Rx Scores from each team — regardless of gender — and the top three Scaled Scores from each team. Whichever team has the highest raw number (this will depend on the workout’s scoring, obviously), takes this category.

Here’s which team won each category:

Participation: AM Team by ONE member
Philanthropy: AM Team by A LOT thanks in large part to Jordan Grotzinger
Spirit: PM Team, 6-0 vote
Performance: AM Team by just a 4% margin

Great job, AM Team! We’re excited to see what next week brings.

As for the top overall performers for CFLA, here are the best scores — regardless of teams — broken down by top three Rx men, top three Rx women, top two Scaled men, and top two Scaled women — and divided by the 15.1 workout and the 15.1a workout. These are the names that will go on the black board in the Tall Room.

Top 3 Rx Men – 15.1 in reps                  Top 3 Rx Men – 15.1a in lbs.
Zach Goren, 182                                             Zach Goren, 265
James Ford, 157                                             TJ Langer, 245
Kevin Kurz, 152                                              Matt Cipolla, 235

Top 3 Rx Women – 15.1 in reps           Top 3 Rx Women – 15.1a in lbs.
Alyssa Parker, 147                                          Alyssa Parker, 160
Niki Marek, 138                                              Shirley Brown, 160
Shirley Brown, 133                                         Ryan Gorman, 150

Top 2 Scaled Men – 15.1                          Top 2 Scaled Men – 15.1a
Pete Mann, 189                                               Matt Cerussi, 205
Christian Donohue, 178                                Justin Remeny, 205

Top 2 Scaled Women – 15.1                   Top 2 Scaled Women – 15.1a
Tanya, 256                                                       Renee Reiff, 115
Kim Smith, 196                                               Monica Sone, 115


Tuesday’s Workout

A) Back squat (Use 90% of 1RM + 4-10lb as 1RM)
75% x 5
85% x 3
95% x 1+

5 Squat snatches (60%)
15 Toes to bar
**10min Cap**

10 Pistols
10 Box jumps

And Coming Wednesday

A) Double under skill practice

B) 4RFQ (:30:30)
Thrusters (50-55%)
Kipping CTB pullups


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