CFLA Open Game Days 15.2 Results Are In

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Week two of Open Game Days was another display of high-level fun not to mention some stand-out performances — a couple from old stand-by’s, one representing Old-Man Strong, and one from a brand-new member. The AM Team and PM Team are so evenly matched that every week will come down to hair-splitting statistics to determine a winner. Before I get to this week’s winner, I just want to thank all of you guys for bringing it so hard. This community always knows how to play to the fullest. 

On to this week’s winner in the battle of AM vs. PM. Congratulations to 15.2’s Champs…

The PM Team!

15.2 Category Breakdown:
Participation: PM Team by a very close margin
Philanthropy: AM Team (again Jordan G. bringing the heat in this category)
Spirit: PM Team, 5-1 vote
Performance: PM Team by only a 3% margin
So good, PM Team. The teams are now all tied up going into 15.3. Exciting stuff and I personally hope it stays this close the entire Open.

Here’s a quick reminder about how you can donate to the Resiliency Project. 

1) Cash – give directly to your team captain.
2) Check – made out to : Resiliency Project, which you should also give to your captain.
3) Online donation made here:
   indicate the dollar amount you want to donate. If a friend or family member is donating, please have them include your name, so that your team gets credit. We get the list from Resiliency Project so your team will get the credit.
Here were your top performers at CFLA for 15.2:
Top 3 Rx Women:
Shirley Brown, 86
Tanya Bentley, 83
Niki Marek/Alyssa Parker, 80
Top 3 Rx Men:
Zach Goren, 252
Andy Petranek, 192
Travis Boyle, 188 (Welcome to CFLA TBoyle!)
Top 2 Scaled Women:
Monart Sone, 131
Diz Rivera, 93
Top 2 Scaled Men:
Pete Mann, 170
Noz!, 142

Tuesday’s Workout
Mental Toughness
“Franklin Hill 100’s”
4 Rounds on the 9:00
4 x 100m on the :90
**See 1/21/15**
And Coming Wednesday
Recovery Practice
A) FQ at ≤70 RPE

   1000m Row

B) Toes to bar skill practice

C) EMOM 10 at ≤70 RPE

   Odd: 10 Jerks (40%)

   Even: 5 Bar muscleups





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