CFLA Open Game Days 15.3 Winners …

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 The performances for 15.3 were inspired and all-around amazing to watch as so many of our athletes got not just their first muscle up — or the first in a long time –, but a bunch more after. Everyone’s all around form was SO MUCH BETTER this year, too. That was glaring to me, and it was great to witness. On Sunday, despite the sweltering heat, we played like champs and put up some big numbers. I’m proud of you guys.

Now, onto the winner of 15.3 in the AM vs. PM battle …

The AM Team!

Good job, Morning Missiles. You were a decisive force this week against the humble Night Riders.

15.3 Category Breakdown:
Participation: AM Team clearly outnumbered the PM Team this week.
Philanthropy: AM Team made it rain again — for charity.
Spirit: AM Team edged out the PM Team for the first time during our Open Game Days.
Performance: And the AM Team took this category, too, by almost 500 reps.

Here are your top scoring athletes for CFLA:

Top Rx Women:
1. Shirley Brown, 254
2. Tanya Bentley, 2
(There was no third Rx female athlete this week)

Top Rx Men:
1. Zach Goren, 478
2. Kenny Kane, 318
3. Andy Petranek, 316 

Top Scaled Women:
1. Alyssa Parker, 1,023
2. Niki Marek/Ryan Gorman, 800

Top Scaled Men:
1. Tim Martin, 915
2. Steven Sone, 770

Only two more CFLA Open Game Days left, guys. Two weeks left to give our all. Can’t wait.


Tuesday’s Workout

A) Sots press
3 x 5 Working up as heavy as quality allows

500m Row
2min Rest
40 Wallballs
2min Rest
30 Kipping CTB Pullups
2min Rest
20 Deadlifts (55%)

And Coming Wednesday

100m Sandbag front carry (100/70)
15 Sandbag ground to shoulder
200m Run
25 Hollow rocks



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