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We had a lower turn out this week for 15.4, but that has historically been the case; attendance dips during the third and forth workouts, but usually we end it with a BANG for the last workout. Come on, guys! One more week to explore the limits of your competitiveness and have fun with your team.

Now, for the winner of 15.4 in the epic battle between AM vs. PM …

It was a tie!

We’re loving that this is SO neck and neck. Since this week was a tie, the AM Team still leads in overall points. For 15.5, make sure that you and all of your teammates bring the heat, the $$, and themselves on Saturday.

15.4 Category Breakdown:
Participation: AM Team won this by TWO PEOPLE! Remember: If you’re on a team, but can’t workout (injured or did it on Friday), your presence still counts towards participation if you come just to cheer for your teammates on Saturday. 
Philanthropy: AM Team is sweeping this category. Nice job, guys.
Spirit: PM Team edged out AM in this category, but just by a hair.
Performance: PM Team. Though AM typically has an athlete who puts up the highest individual score, the depth of PM Team’s keeps them very competitive and this week, on top.

Here are your top scorers from CFLA for 15.4 (Please note that Zach is in Australia on vacation and did not do the workout.)

Top Rx Women:
1. Alyssa Parker, 64
2. Ryan Gorman, 52
3. Shirley Brown, 37

Top Rx Men:
1. TJ Langer, 85
2. Kenny Kane, 70
3. Benet Heames/Travis Boyle, 66

Top Scaled Women:
1. Niki Marek, 133
2. Tanya Bentley, 120

Top Scaled Men:
1. John Bonds, 120
2. Justin Remeny, 111

Great job, CFLA! One more Open week to go!


Tuesday’s Workout

A) Toes to bar skill practice

B) 4 RFT on the 4:00
10 Burpees
10 Alt pistols
10 Deadlifts (50-55%)
**3min Cap each round**

And Coming Wednesday
Mental Toughness

500m Row
100m KB Carry (24/16)
30 Alt. Goblet lunges
**25 Burpee penalty for letting go of KB**
**See 11/5/12**



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