CFLA Open Game Days 15.5 and Overall AM vs. PM Winner

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To say that we went out with a bang — or a big smash of the piñata — is an understatement. Saturday’s last Open Game Days was great, and it played out in true CFLA fashion. One visitor I spoke to who had never been to a CFLA event before was so hyped by our energy, he said he got butterflies right before each heat. He might have been the one cheering the loudest for Heat 7’s athletes.

The 15.5 workout was definitely grueling. On Saturday, subtle and not so subtle rivalries (friendly, of course) played out in a myriad of dramatic ways culminating in the final result of the battle between the AM and PM Teams. Going into 15.5, the AM Team had a slight lead. The PM Team had no way of winning out-right, but if they swept all four categories (Participation, Philanthropy, Performance, and Spirit), they could create an overall tie.

So, what happened?

The PM Team swept every category on Saturday for 15.5!

Which means CFLA ends the 2015 Open season with an exact tie between our two teams. This is a pretty amazing outcome and a testament to the heart and scrappiness of both teams. They both brought it at different times, in different categories during different weeks; different athletes stepping up when their strength showed up in a workout. Great stuff.

15.5 Category Breakdown
Participation – PM Team came in droves on Saturday!
Philanthropy – PM Team. For the first time in five weeks, the PM team pulled a 1st in this category.
Performance – PM Team. As usual, the AM Team had the two top times of 15.5 (Zach snuck in a killer effort at 4:45pm on Monday after 14 hours of no sleep returning from Australia with a time of 8:12), but the depth of the PM Team still edged out the AM times.
Spirit – PM Team. This was a split vote among the coaches that had to be decided by our designated tiebreaker.

Here are your top CFLA athletes for 15.5:

Top Rx Women
1. Alyssa Parker, 8:41
2. Shirley Brown, 9:42
3. Niki Marek, 9:46

Top Rx Men
1. Zach Goren, 8:12
2. Andy Petranek, 9:50
3. Julian Fox, 9:51

Top Scaled Women
1. Tanya Bentley, 9:55
2. Renee Reiff, 10:36

Top Scaled Men
1. Steven Sone, 9:30
2. Bryan Muehlberger, 9:45

Thanks to all of you who participated, came to cheer, and who ran the events. Together we raised $4,288 for the Resiliency Project! It was so fun and we’re already looking forward to next year.



Tuesday’s Workout

A) Back squat (Use 90% of 1RM + 8-20lb as 1RM)
     75% x 5
     85% x 3
     95% x 1+

     6 Power cleans (60%)
     12 Wallballs to 10’

C) 3 RFT
     12 Toes to bar
     50 Double unders
     **1min Rest between rounds**

And Coming Wednesday

A) Snatch balance
70% x 3
75% x 3
80% x 3

B) EMOM 10
Behind the neck jerks  (40-50%)

C) 3 RFQ
5 Deadlifts (60-70%)
5 Bar muscle ups
5 Deep breaths through nose
**9min Cap**



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