CFLA TrisHard

Busy weekend and week for CFLA!  First big congrats to top fundraiser Thomas C and everyone that participated in Crush Cancer (Auggie, Hudson, Diz, Shirley, Miranda, Rachel and Eric P). Over 8k raised by CFLA students. Nicely done! 

Yesterday the CFLA team got busy at the Playa Del Rey Triathlon.  Despite rough waves Charlie, Doss, Eli, Niki, and RyRy took some silverware!!!  Posse of studs!  Congrats Coach Jamie Silber. 

Take a look at the video for what to look for this week in training. Remember Wednesday night is the premier of Corey Reed’s documentary, “Heart of a Champion,” at 7:30PM.  

Monday’s workout

A) 20 Front squats (+2%)

B) 3 Rounds for quality on the 4:00
      200m Run
      Max HSPU
     **2min cap each round**

C) 5 Rounds for quality and load of “Klokov Complex”
     1 Deadlift
     1 Squat clean
     1 Front squat
     1 Push press
     1 Split jerk
      **Hold onto bar through entire round**
      **1min Rest between rounds**

And Coming Tuesday

A) For quality in 5min
     Max meters rowing

B) Kipping pull-up skill practic

C) For time
     Row distance from Part A

D) For time
     50 deadlifts (≤40%)

E) EMOM 10
     2 Power snatches (≤75%)


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