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I don’t travel much, but do enjoy it. It’s usually the destination that’s of enjoyment, but getting there is fun too. When I was younger, I would find it so exciting to hop on a plane, always in anticipation of my favorite in flight snack; ginger ale and pretzels. As an adult, I still find flying fun, but my food choices have changed and the flight food doesn’t excite me.

Last week I went up to Oregon to visit family and friends. While on my trip it got me thinking more about travel, kids and food preparation. One of my day trips was to the tulip fields to meet my friends and their children. As we sat down for lunch, some ordered food from the vendors (french fries and quesadillas), others had packed their kids lunches (fruit, crackers and granola bars). The kids ended up eating a mix of packed lunches and vendor food. With childhood obesity on the rise and food being a topic of interest, what we feed our kids on the go is important. When I travel I’ll often bring fruit, some nuts, and Paleo kits. If I know I am going to be at a close friend or family member’s house I’ll often stop at a grocery store and get foods like eggs, vegetables and lunch meat that require little to no preparation. This is because most of the food choices we are surrounded with aren’t that nutritious. Pretzels, french fries and hot dogs are some of kids favorite foods, but, we all know these foods aren’t good for our children.

So, what’s my challenge to you? Find healthy, kid friendly foods that travel. Take the extra 20 minutes the night before. Chop some vegetables and apples, grab some cheese sticks, lunch meat and an ice pack, and throw in some nuts and water bottles. What healthy foods do you pack for your kids?

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