CFLA Kids Shirts – In Stock!

Today’s Skill
Back Squat

Today’s Workout
15 Back Squats
15 Front Squats
15 Overhead Squats
200m Run
15 Shoulder Press
15 Push Press
15 Push Jerk
200m Run

Today’s Game
Duck, Duck, GooseOur new CFLA Kids shirts are now in stock! All the kids in our program proudly wear their shirts, like uniforms, when they are in class. As they grow in CrossFit, they are going to earn their way up through the ranks and earn different colored shirts. For kids not in the CFLA program, our basic blue shirt is available for sale in our online store, in sizes Youth – Extra Small up through Youth – Extra Large. And yes, don’t worry, we will have an adult version in a couple weeks, too, so all the future fire breathers, big and small, can show it proudly!

Jack proudly displays his CFLA Kids shirt.

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