CFLA Open Standings

Monday’s Workout: TRAINING: Cap
A) Press part 1:
10 Air Squat
2 Press @ 75-77.5% of 1RM

B) Press part 2:
7min find 3RM

C) Front Squat part 1:
4 rds for distance:
:60 Row
:90 2 Front Squat @ 75-77.5% of 1RM

D) Front Squat part 2:
7 min to find 3 RM

And Coming Tuesday: TRAINING: No Cap
A) Push-up skill
shoulder w/u drill
torque position

B) 5 rounds for reps 2:1
200 m run
max HR pushups in time remaining

C) Hang Sq. Snatch
EMOM 7: 2 per min, no drop
There are almost 80 CFLA Athletes participating in the CrossFit Games Open. 80 people who have put themselves in the game… win, lose, draw. Who instead of just showing up each week and working out, are actually putting themselves mentally, emotionally and physically at risk, courageously stepping into the arena to battle it out amongst their peers with themselves. Congratulations to all of you. Keep up the great work!

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