Philanthropic Throwdown Week 1 Was a Big Hit!

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150m Row
10 DB Thrusters (40/25)

1 Snatch Grip High Pull
1 Hang Power Snatch
1 Snatch Balance
1 Snatch

C) 12 min to find 2RM DL

D) 3 rounds for quality (RFQ) :30:30
Squats (focus on form and explosiveness out of the transition)
Strict C2B Pullups


A) MU Skill – sit focus

B) 4 rounds on the 3:00
6 DB Jerks (50/35)
12 Supermans
200m Run

C) 20 min to complete
3×5 FS (+2-5)
3×10 C2B Pull-ups
Saturday’s CF Open 14.1 event here at CFLA was amazing. Four teams – Team Boomshakalaka, Chalk, Sweat, & Cheers, Can’t Stop/Won’t Stop, and 14.KickAss — brought the noise, the cheers, the wigs, tutus, and a general overall sense of fun that busted previous fun records. The energy was palpable! From the opening step show to the last heat filled with chart-topping performances – it was all unbeatable.

We can’t wait to hear the announcement of the 14.2 workout so we can again tear into the second week of our Philanthropic Throwdown. Remember, this week we’ll hold the Open event on Sunday, March 9. Sign-ups and warms ups will begin at 11am. (Regular classes will go on at the usual 8, 9, and 10am) This is the only week we’ll hold the Open event on Sunday. (The WLC Finals are on Saturday!) Like last week, we will also do the 14.2 workout during all classes on Friday so you have an opportunity to do it then or practice the movements.

Now it’s time to announce the CFLA Team winners from the first week. Teams are scored in four categories: Spirit, Participation, Philanthropic Contribution (all money goes to the Aspire Center), and Performance (the top five Rx scores from each team are totaled). First place in each category earns 5 points. Second place in each category earns 4, then 3 points for third, 2 for forth.

For the first week … we have a tie for first place! 14.KickAss and Team Boomshakalaka scored the exact number of points after all the categories were added up. Second place goes to Chalk, Sweat, & Cheers, and third place to Can’t Stop/Won’t Stop. The spirit and contribution from all teams were truly impressive. We have indomitable spirit at CFLA and I’m so proud to be part of the bigger team, our community as a whole.

Let’s keep bringing the fun. As always, if you’re not doing the workout this Sunday, please come to cheer and watch. Bring your friends and family to witness what we do and how we do it.
Can’t wait for Sunday!

CrossFitLA Image
Team captain Patty hyping up her team.



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