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Today’s Workout
Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
4 Dead-Hang Pull Ups
8 Squat Cleans (135/95)
12 Jumping Lunges (2 count)TODAY’S THE DAY! It’s the start of our Winter Inversion Challenge! We’ve created a Facebook Page so you can post your comments and photos… Join us there… and watch the video for an explanation of each level. Have fun!

We started a holiday challenge a few years ago (remember the Burpee Challenge?) to help give everyone something to work on during the holiday season – when time can get so scarce, and motivation can wain – especially to work out! The challenge is designed to give you a “mission” every day for 31 days… whether you’re at home, on vacation, working, having a ‘stay-cation’, hangin’ with family, whatever. The only criteria we’ve used to select the challenge is that it does not involve equipment.

This year, in an effort to keep it fun and challenging, we’ve decided to make it both strength AND skill based… we’re goin’ upside-down! We’ve created a bunch of levels so that each day you can choose your skill (i.e. – you so not have to do the same skill for 31 days!) Whatever your current ability, there is a level at which you’ll be able to participate all the way through to the end. Remember, this is about consistency and habit… you might be surprised at the improvement you’ll see after practicing something EVERY DAY for 31 days!

Here are the levels/skills:
White – Piked Hold against wall
Yellow – Handstand Hold against wall
Green – Handstand Hold Shrugs (reps = 1x seconds)
Brown – HS Shoulder Taps (reps = 2x seconds)
Black – 1 arm HS Hold (seconds are total, not per arm)
Beyond “Black” is FREE STANDING — starting back at the “Yellow” level, perform any of the skills without any assistance from a wall.

Day 1 (Monday, Dec 12th) – 30 seconds
Day 2 – 35 seconds
Day 31 (Wednesday, Jan 11th) – 180 seconds

(It might not seem like much at first, but don’t worry… it will be plenty!)

– Complete the prescribed number of seconds each day of the challenge
– You do not get credit for seconds accumulated in advance of the day you’re on
– If you miss a day (or multiple days), you may make it (them) up on the next day you do your inversions
– You may change levels/skills any time you want. Simply complete the required number of seconds/reps for that day.

If you’d like a spreadsheet to help you keep track of the day, number of seconds and whether you’ve done it or not, click here.



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