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One of the ways we have here at our Santa Monica location of keeping our students “in the game” is to put on athletic challenges once a quarter. A challenge is an event that gives you a target for your training for a specified time period, with a prelim and a final. If you are one of our students, you know that this Saturday, Dec 13 is the final of our “Nancy” Challenge. We will be awarding the winners – both for fastest times and for most improved. If you aren’t in this area and want to keep yourself in the game, I would suggest playing along, as if you are here… we will post our times so you have something to compare your results to. I know its too late to join us for this one, but we’ll be having another challenge in January – would love to see how many people we can get “playing along from home!”

Dave & Rod takin' a break
Dave & Rod takin’ a break during wall ball

Today’s Workout

Overhead Squat – 3-3-3-3
Front Squat – 3-3-3-3

Day 62
Burpees done to date: 1,953.



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