Championship Form

Championship Form

Today’s Workout

“CrossFit Games Individual Event #6”

7 Rounds for time of:
3 Cleans (205# 135#)
4 Ring handstand push ups (M) / HSPU (W)P1470007

Ross shows us his “training secret” in preparation for Saturday’s Smoker Challenge Finals. He took home top honors with a 44.22% improvement over his time from 10 weeks ago. Really, this is a testament to what can be accomplished by simply showing up, consistently. There was no “magic” in Ross’ training, no pill he swallowed or secret supplement. He ate well, showed up consistently, and didn’t let anything else get in his way. Congratulations, Ross – and to everyone else who showed up and took part in our Challenge… with an average improvement of 14%, everyone is moving in the right direction!



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