Chance, Happenstance, and Luck

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Wednesday’s Workout (NO CAP)
2,000m Row
4 min rest
1 Mile Run
4 min rest
1,000m Row
2 min rest
½ Mile Run
2 min rest
500m Row
1 min rest
¼ Mile Run

…and coming Thursday (CAP)
5 rounds, 4 minutes each:
2 Hang Squat Snatches every minute on the minute
1 minute break between rounds for weight changesI would say it all happened by accident, but that wouldn’t be true.

It just so “happened” that right about the time Winslow (my boyfriend) and I were thinking about relocating, a good friend of ours decided to buy the house next door to his. He “happened” to mention it to us and we asked to look at the house. By “chance” it was perfect for us.

It just so “happens” that eight years ago when I was tiring of my career in the entertainment business that Andy was looking to hire someone. I guess it’s “luck” that last summer when I declared I wanted to move to Oregon and become a writer I was shortly thereafter offered a full-time job as a writer for a company in Portland. And was it serendipity that had me meet Winslow before I ever even moved here?

All the best things in my life have happened by chance, happenstance, or luck. And so, I don’t believe in chance, happenstance, or luck. All the best things in my life happened because I was living authentically. Because I made a specific request of the universe. Because my request came from a place of already being completely content.

My life is absolutely perfect today. My life will be absolutely perfect tomorrow. The only difference is today is in an apartment and soon I will be in a house. It doesn’t make life better. I’m not fixing anything. I’m already totally happy, just now the adventure looks a little different.

Life is good. That is no accident.




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