Change – Good or Bad… It’s Life

Monday’s Workout

A) Hang Power Snatch
EMOM 10: 1 Hang Power Snatch (add weight)

B) 5 rounds for Hand Release Push up reps: 2:1
10 HPS @ 72.5% of heaviest EMOM single
10 “Silent Landing” tuck jumps
Max HR pushups


A) Deadlift
10 min to find 3RM

B) Hang Power Clean
10 min to find days 2RM

C) 4 rounds for reps and time: on the 4
:30 Max rep pullups
:30 rest
:30 Max rep HPC @ 50% of days 2RM
:30 rest
200m run for time (start across the street)
Rest remainder of what is left in the intervalNothing is permanent. As with everything in life, the only thing we can truly count on is change. We are experiencing just that at CFLA on Friday evenings. For the past year (maybe even a little more?), Matt Wagner (Magner) has been teaching our 5:30pm class. With a quiet grace and confidence, and a mean shavasana (corps pose) at the end of each class, he has dutifully and consistently taught his one class every week. As of last friday, a change of jobs has meant a new work commute to pretty much the other side of the planet (Burbank), so he will no longer be teaching this class (although will still be a regular at the 6am class). Thank you, Magner, for all that you’ve done for our community, the dedication and commitment you’ve brought to our instructor ranks.

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And just as we’re saying good-bye to Magner as an instructor, it’s time to welcome in his replacement, Emily Hacker. Emily has a background in rowing (just to warn you, in case you’ve never heard her bark out rowing commands in class) and is well on her way to becoming an all-around CrossFit studette. She will be taking over the 7:30pm class on Fridays. (Danette will be teaching the 5:30 and 6:30 classes on Fridays). Welcome, Hacker, to our family of instructors!

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