Check Your Complaints at the Door

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By Andy Petranek

I can’t remember a time where it has been hotter in Santa Monica… not just hot, but HUMID. I find myself checking the weather every morning, not looking for the temperature but for the humidity. It has been up over 80% almost every day for the past month. When it’s this humid, I start sweating from the moment I get up in the morning until… well, I never really stop (maybe sometime in the middle of the night). And I have  fans going in my house non-stop (since I live in a West-side house with no air conditioning). 

And while it’s definitely something that has lasted long enough now to be justifiably worthy of complaint (and definitely something interesting to talk about), I’m reminded every day in looking at the weather all over the world on my trusty little Weather Channel app on my iPhone, that our weather is some of the absolute BEST in the world. We are incredibly lucky to have the weather here that we have considering the typhoons, floods, tornados, hurricanes, lightning storms, hail, mud slides, torrential rain storms that effect people pretty much everywhere but here.

PLUS, complaining about the weather is completely fruitless – nothing you do, say, wish for, or complain about will change it. Complaining actually serves as subconscious practice for more complaining about anything and everything… and who does that serve? 

I’m reminded of all the other “justifiable” complaints I have about events, schedules, people, ideas, products, etc… although these things might not be perfect, complaining and bellyaching certainly isn’t going to make them better… and really only serves to make me and others who I’m complaining to feel worse.

Think about it today as you go through your day. Before you open your mouth to complain about the weather, or anything else for that matter… is the thing you’re about to say in service to touching, moving, inspiring, shifting a conversation forward, or uplifting? Is it productive? Will it give you practice at something that will make your life or the life of others around you better? If not, you might consider closing it, your mouth that is (and I’m talking to myself here too), before you say anything at all.




2 rounds, each for time on the 15:00
“Up, Over, Around & Up”
– A distance variation on our beloved Franklin Hill Sprints

20 Calorie Row
20 Jumping lunges

B) Pistol Skill Practice (10 min)

C) For Time
DL (60-65%)
Strict Pullups
**9min cap**

D) 3×3 Press (+2 / +5)



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