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The New Year tends to bring out frantic promises to change bad habits. In the realm of fitness, people set goals to eat healthier, lose weight, get stronger, or run faster or farther among other things. How about rather than checking in only once a year to see where you are and where you want to go, you set up checkpoints several times a year? You could start right now and every 8 weeks or so (if it makes it easier or more motivating, pick holidays to check in at) see how you’re doing with respect to whatever is important to you. Set goals, try to be better than you were at the last check in! This way, rather than looking or feeling great for the first few months of the year, you can look and feel great all year long!
Thanks to Martin Berkhan from Leangains for the inspiration!

Louie tries to throw Leslie off her game. It’s gonna take more than a smile, Louie.

Today’s Workout
800m run
15 left leg pistol squats
15 right leg pistol squats
50 situps
12 left leg pistol squats
12 right leg pistol squats
50 situps
9 left leg pistol squats
9 right leg pistol squats
800m run

Include weight if desired on pistol squats



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