Chest to the Deck

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Today’s Workout
Wendler Back Squat: Cycle 1, Week 3
5 x 75% 1RM
3 x 85% 1RM
1+ x 95% 1RM
– 1+ means to continue in reps after 1 to “not failure” (one rep before failure)

For Time:
1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 Burpees
10 Sit ups between each set of burpeesWe talk about it a lot – getting your chest all the way to the ground during a push up… but it’s pretty rare in a random sampling of athletes during a workout to actually see chests coming all the way to the deck. To do this properly, it is essential that you maintain a neutral or slightly posteriorly rotated pelvis (hollow) so that as you lower yourself, your stomach hips and/or thighs stay off the ground while your chest comes down to touch. You also have to keep your head tucked in so that your nose doesn’t hit the deck before your chest.

While push-ups are probably the movement that requires the least amount of explanation, they are also the movement that is done correctly least often. How’s your push up? If you’re not getting your chest to the deck, and your chest/nose aren’t the first things to touch the ground, simultaneously, you’re only cheating yourself. (Oh and by the way, the proper push up position can be maintained from the knees too!)

200 push ups during “Murph”



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