Chop Wood, Carry Water

Today’s Workout
Front Squat – Spend 30 minutes finding today’s 1-rep max.
1,000 m Row for time

The other day, I was changing the heads on the mops that we use to clean sweat and chalk off of the gym floor. This is not the most glorious aspect of my job.

A student walked by, and said something along the lines of “looks like a lot of fun over there!” Resisting the obligatory Tom Sawyer joke (“You can change these mop heads for me for the low, low price of $5 each!”), I said to him with a smile, “Chop wood, carry water.”

You may not like some stuff that we do in the gym. You may not like some stuff in your life. But whether it’s doing pistols or washing the dishes, just do the heck out of it, and do it well.

I re-discovered something while wearing out my forearms twisting the grimy screws out of those disgusting, dilapidated foam mop heads–there’s a lot of joy in doing the job well, even when you hate it.

Jack: never too focused for an Einstein joke!

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