Cindy Challenge!

Cindy Challenge!

Today’s Workout

2 Rounds for time of:
400m run
36 push ups/ring push ups
400m run
24 dips/ring dips
400m run
12 handstand push upsWell if you weren’t at the gym on Saturday, you missed a heck of an event. The “Cindy” Challenge went of with a bang! Improvements were made by almost everyone (an average improvement of over 15%) – and our top two most improved had 50+% improvement (Congrats to David & John who won over $500 combined!) Our top men came in at 27 rounds (Kenny & Zach) and top woman at 20 (Tanya). Congrats to everyone who came out to participate!

Marjorie & Connie (props to Matt E. for the awesome photos on Facebook!)



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