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Since November 1st, I started an experiment I like to call (hashtag) Ayurveda November. I’m making Julio do it, too, poor guy. Ayurveda is the sister science to yoga that concentrates mainly on nutrition and physical health practices. The idea is that Ayurveda makes you healthy so you can do yoga — or really — sit in meditation to become more spiritual. The nutrition guidelines are based on our personal constitution, which is also influenced by our environment. Certain foods and workouts throw us off balance according that constitution and environment. To be clear, foods highly processed and full of refined sugar and chemicals throw everyone off balance so don’t get any ideas.

So anyway, I decided to put Ayurveda to the test because it’s only been around four or five thousand years and I was convinced one more test by me would seal the deal on its validity. Here’s the kicker: the foods that are the most agitating for me for my particular make up (that I was still consuming regularly) are coffee and chocolate. I mean, what in the entire eff? Literally, I have called these two things my favorite things of all time; things I looked forward to daily. Things that I thought contributed to my happiness. What kind of torture was I willing to put myself through? But I was really interested in finding out if I could go from feeling good most of the time to feeling optimally. The other reason I really wanted to give this a shot was in support of Julio. He had gone down that slippery slope of indulging in a little too much junk food to a daily habit of eating crap. I need that guy to be around a long time so supporting him was a no brainer  — and way more important to me than coffee and chocolate.

I haven’t had coffee or chocolate for 20 days. I’ve been cooking healthful meals for us almost every day, and experimenting with treats that we (Julio) will enjoy without refined sugar. I’ve felt creative and inspired in the kitchen. And damn it, I feel so much better off of coffee. AARRGG. This might be a premature declaration, but I think I may be off coffee for good. I am mainly mourning the idea of coffee, but honestly my herbal tea substitutes have been very satisfying. I had some regular bread this past weekend and my stomach felt wonky for hours after, which great, thanks cleaning eating for ruining the fun of eating any junky food. Not cool, cleaning eating, not cool.

But seriously, I feel really good – maybe on my way to great. And I encourage you guys to keep tweaking your nutrition to find the right combo for you to feel optimally.


Tuesday’s Workout
Thanksgiving Week Fun!

“Thankful for Strengths and Weaknessess”

18min to work up to a heavy 5 of favorite lift from this list:
Back squat

10min to practice gymnastic skill that needs most work from this list:
Squat (Air, STS, Pistol)
Inversion (HS, HSPU, HS Walk, Free)
Push (Pushup, Dip)
Pull (Strict, Kip, Neg, Ring, Bar, BMU, MU)
Balance (Split squats, tripod trans, piv. rev., etc)

5 of Barbell lift (75% of A)
10 of Gymnastics skill
200m Run

Wednesday’s Workout (LAST CLASS IS AT 12:30!)
Thanksgiving Week Fun!

“Thanksgiving Potluck”

Main Course + 2 Sides
2 Desserts
–35min Cap–

[Main Course
1 Mile run

Choose 2 Sides from this list:
60 Jumping lunges
60 Air squats
60 Mountain climbers (2-ct)
60 Dirty Gonzalez
60 Crab Cakes
(Can be completed in any order, while completeing main course)

Choose 2 Desserts from this list:
40 Pullups
40/30cal Bike
40 KBS
40 Wallballs
40 Hungarian Trombones
40 Magic carpets
(Can be completed in any order, once main course and sides are finished)]



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