Cleaning Closets

Today’s Workout

4×1,000 meter row
4 minutes rest between intervalsI was watching a friend clean out a long-neglected closet the other day. The whole afternoon was punctuated by “what’s this?”s, “why did I keep this?”s and “wow! Look what I found!”s. I started thinking about the “I’ll deal with this later”s that has parts of my life end up “in a closet.”

Old beliefs completely at odds with who I am. Worn out ideas that long ago served a purpose still hanging around, unquestioned. “Someday” plans that I found exciting, pushed to the back, long forgotten, collecting dust.

I love closets. They’re great places to hang onto all of the things I’m afraid to get rid of, but also not willing to deal with.

The problem with putting parts of my life in the closet is that those parts get free rein to run the show in the background. Putting things in the closet doesn’t mean they disappear, it just means I stop paying attention to them. They’ll be back.

Box Squats-17 (Copy)
Back squats! Oh happy day!

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