Clearing Out Space

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Today’s Workout

Box Squat 5-5-5
– max effort each set
5 rounds
8 Dynamic Back Squats (75# / 50#)
8 Heaving Snatch Balance
– for the dynamic back squats – come up out of the bottom of the squat, accelerate toward the top, allow your feet to leave the ground at the full open position from your momentumHave you ever thought about the fact that it’s really difficult to make a change without getting things out of the way first? Like those old “moving squares” puzzles where one square is open and you move the pieces around trying to get all of the pieces to line up. Well with only 1 square open, it really limits the moves you can make. For many people, that represents life – filled up to the gills with ‘stuff’ (things to do, people to please, jobs to get done, a todo list a mile long, and endless emails). If you try to make real change in that scenario without taking anything out of the picture, all you get is a re-arrangement of the same stuff… a shuffling of the squares. Imagine trying to re-organize your closet this way – can’t get rid of anything or move anything out of the way, just shuffle things around… not so effective!

Want to make some real change? Get rid of stuff. Clear space. Make room. The real trick is figuring out where to start… and that won’t be easy, especially since most of the things you’re doing, you probably have good reasons for doing them. So take a deep breath, identify one area, and pick one thing to clear out, reduce, alter, adjust with the goal of more space, time, or room. Don’t worry about making the change until you’ve got enough space that you’re able to move around and breathe… and when that happens, aah, the puzzle pieces move easily and then fall into place.

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Sean – determined!



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