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Samantha Sawyer started CrossFit about 2 months ago. A rower and paddler, she’d never done anything quite like climbing Half Dome – yet, here she is, smiling at the top… AWESOME JOB, Sam!

“I need to tell you that the classes at Petranek have affected me immensely. There was only one point in time that I thought I would not make it to the top, and that was due to a knee injury. After resting and getting out of injury-panic mode I decided I may as well try to keep going. Similar to Cross Fit workouts I used the less steep portions of the hike/climb to recover…no need to take long rests or breaks! Made me think of doing the Cindy Challenge…squats can be difficult for me so I slow down on them and try to really crank out the pushup-portion when it’s workin the arms instead. What a concept that was when I was climbing on Wed. I took advantage of both my strengths and weaknesses. I could make exclamations of amazement all day about my successful hike up to the top of Half Dome with only 3 hikes under my belt in past 12 months! Of course Cross Fit prepared me…I had no idea…and then again I did. smile smile

I’m not sure I would have agreed to this hike if I knew the grueling details ahead of time. Again, a lesson of experience from attending Cross Fit classes. My performance anxiety related to mentally preparing for a tough class is so significantly reduced that I now know I only have to compete against myself. My confidence in sports and competition seems to show since attending classes. Half Dome is tangible proof to all, but most importantly, myself!”

Today’s Workout
Run 5k for time
Every 4 minutes, do 25 push ups



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