Coach Jamie, Tim, Doss = Old Man Fit

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Apparently, our 40+ and 50+ peeps just like to go out and win stuff! First, Coach Jamie crushed it at the ITU World Triathlon Grand Finale! He comes home ranked #1 for his age group here in ‘Merica. So humble and just a killer at what he does.  Additionally, the fleet of feet duo Tim Martin and Matt Doss ran the USATF road mile in 5:13 and 5:27 respectively!   

Now take a gander at the week’s coaching vid for some more Silbur, Martin, Dossy love and some important coaching tips for your training.

Today’s Workout

A) HSPU skill practice (15 min)

B) 2RFQ (:90:90)
Squat clean and jerks (50-60%)

C) 2RFQ on the 6:00
25 T&G DL (≤45%)
Row for meters
**3 min cap each round**

And Coming Wednesday

A) Kipping pull-up skill practice (10 min)

B) 20 Front squats (+2%)

12 Alt DB Snatches (55/40)
50 DU




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