Kenny Kane

Owner, Head Coach

Kenny Kane is a life-long performer and coach who is fueled by improving quality of life for people in principled ways. He bought CrossFit Los Angeles in 2014 with a vision to build a unified coaching team and the business to support it. The business rebranded in 2017 as Oak Park, a nod to the Kenny’s roots in Santa Rosa, CA as well as a symbolic transition to something evergreen. His dream has always been to create an environment where he can be a student and learn entirely new things from the people within it. As the Oak Park coaches and community continue to evolve, that dream becomes more of a reality.

Kenny has an extraordinarily diverse background. He grew up in a family fitness business with a mother in the Swimming Hall of Fame and a father who was an officiant at the Olympics. At 15, he earned his Black Belt and began his coaching career as a martial arts instructor. Kenny attended UC Davis where he played soccer, ran track, and competed in triathlons. He then went on to teach physical education and drama in his hometown while training for the Olympic Trials. A career ending running injury pushed him to shift focus to standup comedy and private training. Kenny spent 14 years splitting time between training clients and touring the world. He performed standup and gave motivational talks while simultaneously transforming people as a coach. Kenny retired from performing in 2013 to do what he loves. He now dedicates all of his professional time to coaching and the business endeavors that support it.

Shirley Brown

Kids Program Director, Staff Coach

Shirley’s athletic career began when she was 13 years old. She had a gym teacher that introduced her to weights for the first time and inspired her. Shirley’s asthma always made running feel like a challenge, but weights felt like something cool and new…and something she could be very good at! Shirley played sports in high school and college and contributed to the success of her track and field teams. People began to look up to her and ask her advice on how to get fit. She always enjoyed helping people and soon realized that she could utilize this desire to help by sharing her passion for movement and helping others to move and feel better.

Shirley is an amazing mover. She is graceful and strong and often makes skills (like pull ups, pistols and Olympic weightlifting, just to name a few) look effortless…though they are very technically difficult. It may appear she is just blessed with amazing genes or that it just comes naturally to her. But, this is not the case. Shirley has taken the time to improve her abilities. She has worked on her movement, mobility and strength tirelessly over the years. She dedicates A LOT of time to honing her craft and bettering herself, both in and out the gym. Her athleticism and skills are a result of putting in thousands of hours and reps over the years and she happily considers herself a continual work in progress, always striving to improve.

Shirley offers this same experience to her clients. She works tirelessly with them on bettering themselves through her coaching. She assists with movement, nutrition, mobility…anything her clients might need to improve themselves. Her clients trust and depend on her. She’s humble and supportive and guides them through the process. She is on the journey with them. Clients find it easy to trust Shirley since she’s down to earth, relatable and works very hard at connecting with them to achieve their goals. According to Shirley, she is far from perfect, but she’s continually striving to better herself and offers the same for her clients and their growth.

Danette “Diz” Rivera


Danette “Diz” Rivera is interested in building trust and connection. Trust and connection promote play, and with play there’s sustainability. Diz leads people through true transformation by establishing consistent, sustainable practices. She will challenge you to look at yourself in new ways. You’ll step into your own power and strength with great body mechanics and mindfulness. You’ll also challenge the limits you’ve previously put on yourself through your fitness. Diz believes that good fitness, at your level, lends itself to a much better quality of life. She strives to be a positive influence and a gentle but driven guide. She is the concierge to your ability.

Diz has been an athlete her whole life; not a great one, but a consistent and dedicated one. At 42, she discovered CrossFit, which changed the course of her life. She’s competed in ocean swims, triathlon, local CrossFit competitions, bikini bodybuilding, 10k’s, and recently she became a yogini. She’s not perfect any at any of these, but stays dedicated and consistent because physical challenges keep her mind clear, her body strong, and her soul happy. Plus, the pursuit of fitness is just freaking fun. Diz is a personal trainer, a CrossFit L2 Trainer, a Certified Mobility WOD Coach, and a Certified Yoga Instructor. She’s here to help you realize your best athletic self, physically and mentally.

James “Jamie” Silber

Tri Team Director, Coach

With over 30 years of experience, Jamie Silber is a highly accomplished coach and athlete. He has spent the majority of his career preparing people of all ages and abilities for anything that may come their way physically, mentally, or emotionally. From completing Ironman triathlons to keeping mobility into old age, Jamie goes out of his way to ensure that his clients succeed. He believes that whether you’re 6 or 65, your goals should be endless, and it all starts with a foundation built on a trust.

Jamie graduated from UCSD with degrees in Psychology and Exercise Physiology. He is also the founder of the LA Tri Club, a CrossFit L2 trainer, and Certified Mobility WOD Coach. As an athlete, Jamie is a 12-time Team USA triathlete and recently placed 4th in his age group at the ITU World Triathlon Championships. He has completed seven Ironman triathlons, including the Ironman Hawaii World Championships. Jamie is the primary Oak Park Coach for triathlon training and he actively bridges the gap between CrossFit methods and endurance culture.

Matt Nichols

Tri Team Director, Coach

Matt Nichols is an explorer, driven by curiosity and a love for problem solving. He finds joy in guiding people through the process of discovery that reveals the best version of themselves. Connection is fundamental to the human experience, and Matt believes that it is through authentic, meaningful connection with others that we discover our greatest potential. Matt has been coaching athletes since 2012, and he fully committed to this journey in 2017 when he ended a 15-year legal career to become a professional Oak Park Coach.

Matt is personally and professionally dedicated to the lifelong quest of self-discovery. He is a CrossFit Level 2 Trainer (CF-L2), USAW Sport Performance Coach, Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified Coach, Functional Range Conditioning Movement Specialist (FRCms), certified Mobility WOD Coach, and PSE Art of Breath certified. Additionally, Matt has coached and competed in the sport of Olympic weightlifting and a variety of CrossFit-style functional fitness competitions. Matt regularly coaches group classes, including our breath work classes, and offers private training, including physical training, breath work, mobility, mental skills coaching, and nutrition coaching.

Nick Yiakos


Nick Yiakos is an energetic, growth oriented coach and athlete. His athletic experience and education taught him the value of a growth mindset. When working with new people, Nick tries to uncover their beliefs about themselves by asking questions. He feels if you can answer “why”, he can help you through the “what” and “how” parts of the journey.

Playing high school basketball helped Nick find his true character at a young age. Through this experience, he learned the importance of personal sacrifice and humility in building a team. After graduating from college, Nick began his coaching career while he personally trained CrossFit and Olympic weightlifting. Years later, he continues to coach and train with the intense curiosity of a new student. Nick believes in prioritizing the fundamentals and works closely with his clients to improve their motor skills, structural integrity, and functionality. But above all, he values his relationship with each client because their trust and understanding is the foundation for the work that lies ahead.

Jared Cohen


Jared Cohen believes that each client is the master of their own fate. He is driven to guide people to become better learners so that they can develop their own talent and discover their potential. As a coach, Jared strives to be the catalyst for those “aha” moments that go beyond the gym. Specifically, he is passionate and curious about the learning process that supports skill transferability in all aspects of life.

Jared’s journey into coaching fitness began in 2010 when he discovered CrossFit as a means to deal with some health problems. Since then, he has been incredibly active in the intersecting worlds of health, wellness, fitness, and performance coaching: having completed his CrossFit L1, several CrossFit specialty workshops, SEALFIT/Kokoro camp, Jill Miller’s Yoga Tune Up trainings, FRC, Catalyst Athletics Olympic Weightlifting, and RKC. Jared provides mental skills, strength and conditioning, mobility, self-care, and mindfulness coaching. He is currently completing an M.A. in Sport Psychology and an MBA from John F. Kennedy University. He is also a certified Athlete Assessments consultant, which uses the DISC behavioral profiling assessment to help athletes, coaches, and sport managers develop more self-awareness of their behavioral preferences. Jared can be found at his personal website or at of which he is the co-founder/co-host.