Come Together

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Nothing’s better than working out with your friends, spouse, or family members. Whether its camaraderie, bonding, competitiveness or simply going through hell together, no workout gives you both the experience and the story to talk about afterward like CrossFit. Below, Janine (in blue) is rowing next to her sister Caryn.

On another note, Zeb wrote a VERY lengthy comment after reading the NY Times article on Sunday, only to have his 2,748 words blasted out into the electronic “nether-world” since our website will only allow comments of 2,000 words or less. Sorry, Zeb. He pieced together a shorter version of it… you can read it by clicking HERE (and it’s very much worth the read!)


Today’s Workout
Run 1,600m for time
rest 2 minutes
Run 1,200m for time
rest 3 minutes
Run 800m for time
rest 4 minutes
Run 400m for time



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