Can you imagine trying to go through USMC boot camp by yourself – just YOU and the Drill Instructor? Or how about summer training camp – where “two-a-days” or even “three-a-days” are commonplace – try that by yourself – just you and the coach! There is something about the shared experience of a community of people that enables them to endure, when quitting sounds so much more appealing, survive, when the odds against seem insurmountable, push harder, when every part of your body says “STOP”. THAT is part of the “magic” that enables our students to regularly “Do the Impossible.” Want to see a great example? Come out tomorrow to watch the the finals of our “Fran” Challenge!

Tuesday night 7:30 crew
7:30pm Crew after a workout.

Today’s Workout
3 rounds for time of:
40 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls – (45#/35#)
30 Pull-ups
20 Med Ball Cleans
10 Ring dips



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