Today’s Workout

Wendler 5/3/1 Back Squat – Cycle 2, Week 2
3 x 70% 1RM
3 x 80% 1RM
3+ x 90% 1RM

click here to download the Wendler spreadsheet
Complete as many rounds as possible in 12 minutes of:
8 Double Shot Wall Ball (20/14)
16 Push-ups
24 Double Unders
I’m not a big soccer fan. In fact, I’m not really a soccer fan at all… it has taken me 3 weeks since the start of the World Cup to even watch a portion of a game. However, last week, one of my Facebook friends posted this video. I’m not sure exactly why I clicked on it to watch, but am so glad I did. In watching the cheering of fans from around the world when Landon Donovan scored Team USA’s game-winning goal against Algeria, I was suddenly covered in goose bumps. Some of the emotion came from the movie soundtrack the editor chose to go in the background (Lennertz – what is it?) But most came from the thought of the simultaneous release of energy that came in that moment, in a way that is unique to major sporting events or in reactions to national tragedies (like 9/11). The power that millions of people collectively thinking and acting together as one, was overwhelming… and this video, for me, did a great job of capturing it.

Just imagine if we were to put our differences aside and act as one, as a nation, as the fans for Team USA did last week… anything would be possible!

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